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Our Programmes

When cricketers join us on an advanced programme, we prioritise training their primary skill but recognise in modern cricket it is important to also have a secondary skill that is kept up. The girls are split into two smaller groups based on their primary skill for the majority of the course so that they can get to know a small group of girls with similar skills to them. Fielding is also a large feature in our courses and provides the opportunity to mix with those girls who are split into the other skill group.

When cricketers join us on an intermediate or beginners course they work on all skills equally. The girls will be taught a general batting and bowling technique but will also be exposed to wicket-keeping and spin bowling during the course, which allows them to get more of an idea of what their primary and secondary skills might be. Fielding is also a large feature in our courses.









We run winter courses indoors and summer courses outdoors, please check the location of training when booking.

Kira is in training
Individual lessons

We believe 121s are important

to advance a cricketer’s technique

Both Kira and Sebastián are available for 1-2-1s, providing in-depth knowledge and understanding of the game, tailoring sessions to individual's needs and progressing at a rate suitable for each cricketer. Whilst the coaches are able to progress all your cricketing skills, wicket-keepers find it particularly useful to be coached by our professional keeper Kira.

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