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Next Level Cricket Academy

Next Level Cricket Academy has been established to provide high level introductory and developmental coaching for young girls.

We are passionate about creating an environment for girls cricket that is enjoyable, challenging and inspiring as we aim to instil the skills and self-confidence needed by young cricketers to progress on and off the field.

Our experienced coaches design high quality, personalised, training sessions which ensure players of all skill levels are able to advance at their own pace, providing a clear path for improvement. This allows them to concentrate on their specific areas of focus, taking them to the next level, whether this be school 1st XI, Club Captain, County player or beyond.

Previously, the main avenues into girls cricket have often required players to rely on male teachers or family. However, we understand that making relatable role models accessible is crucial to developing confidence for young people. This is why we pride ourselves on our exclusive list of professional female players who join our training to inspire the next generation. By being able to meet the professionals at our sessions, and then watch them live, empowers the idea of a career in cricket for girls, whilst also creating a supportive atmosphere for those who wish to play recreationally for clubs or schools.

Word from a co-founder

Why We Established Next Level Cricket Academy

“Whilst a number of organisations in England offer girls an introduction to softball cricket, I feel that outside of County age group programmes there’s a lack of bespoke coaching opportunities dedicated to young girls. For that reason, we’ve set up Next Level Cricket Academy.”

Kira ChathliCo-Founder, NLCA
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Girls cricket training
Girls throwing a cricket ball at training
Girls cricket session practicing bowling

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